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The basic Purpose of establishing Bharath Vidya Vikas is to provide them a better life and make self-reliant by encouraging children in the absence of the children and women in the remote area. It is our priority to Provide Good Education to the people by promoting Technical Education With Women Education and Indian Culture. Technical Education plays An Important Role in Human Resource Development. Good Increases Industrial Production That Generates Mass energy and Improves the Quality of People’s lives.

It is our goal to develop education in the life of those who live in remote hilly areas and to provide technical education and provide them the means of livelihood to connect with the mainstream of the country's development. Bharath Vidya Vikas is self-financing Private Autonomous and we offer the Child Communication, Skill & Vocational Courses and Management Courses Certificates for Private Employment Only. The Institute does not in any way guarantees the acceptance of its certificates/Diploma/Degree by any government department. Skillful India making a meaningful effort we will continue to make every effort to make it a milestone Under the scheme, courses of Nursery Teacher Training., Montessori Teacher Training, Primary Teacher Training, early childhood education, etc. will be run. Under the skill-based curriculum, computer Courses, DTP,, Art and Craft Self Employment Courses, small scale industries courses will be operated. Also, vocational course- Special attention will be given on health work, social work, community health work, art, and crafts, etc.

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